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Welcome to the Lower Macungie Mustangs Volunteer Page!


Please click on the link to view the volunteer schedule for each home game this season




Welcome to the 2018 Lower Mac Mustangs Football Year!

My name is Sylvia Boyd and this is my 10th year of managing the concessions portion of the program.  Most of you know me and what ‘Mustang Concessions’ is, but for those of you that don’t, a few highlights:

  • All profits from the concessions sales  go directly back into the program – primarily to fund the end of year banquet for all levels of both the football and cheerleading programs
  • This position, and all people that work in concessions at practices and home games, is 100% volunteer
  • Donations (baked goods and HELP) are welcome at any time!
  • The concession ‘tent’ for practices is always located adjacent to the football field – look for the striped red umbrella
  • Practice concessions consists of cold drinks, candy and an assortment of chips.  During school, we also have pizza and hot chocolate on Thursday nights
  • The concession tents/grill for home games is always located on the parking lot side of the trailer
  • Game concessions consists of cold drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, candy, chips, soft pretzels, nachos, Rita’s Ice (if hot enough), walking tacos, burgers, hot dogs, and sometimes soup/chili
  • We operate all concessions out of the Mustang trailer – NO water or electric [we bring water and run off of generators]
  • Each normal scrimmage and home game has us starting with Varsity at 9 AM, and finishing up with Flags at 3:15 PM
  • Volunteer shifts last around the same time as a game
  • Each team is responsible for staffing the concessions tent during one home game each this season - see your head coach to find out the game which your team is scheduled for
  • 4-6 people are needed per shift to adequately staff the concessions tents and grill – so nearly 30 people for each home game!


There is a sign up schedule that can be viewed for each game on the www.lmmustangsfootball.org website under the ‘volunteers’ tab at the top of the page.  Please email me ( ) with any questions.


Alternately, you can see me at the concessions tent where I’ll have the master schedule for you to sign-up.


PLEASE help me make the concessions portion of the 2018 Mustang Season a success!



Sylvia Boyd

Lower Macungie Mustangs Concessions Coordinator